70s Bride vs 2k10s Bride by Chandru Bharathy

In this fast paced life, do we really have time to look back at our past? Nope. But we all wanted to dip our mind into this nostalgic feel at least once. Culture is dynamic. It changes over time. Fashion is an inevitable think changes along with the culture. Do you remember the large bell bottom pants and the large collared shirts, men used to wear in the 70s and 80s? From that, fashion underwent a huge evolution. Women used to wear puffed blouses and the way they drape sarees back in those days were completely different. Now-a-days we have specialists in saree drapings itself. Fashion evolves with the human’s craving to show themselves beautiful. From the olden days we groomed to become a better version of ourselves. But did we ever realize the fashion in the olden days were really alluring even for now? Sharmi got this as a hint and decided to show the difference between 70s and 2k10s bride in her makeover. The interesting part is that we wanted the model and the saree used for the shoot must be the same. So that we can obviously show the difference between 70s and 2k10s bride fashion. Thanks to Shoba from Rahjam Designer Silks and Priya from Mabia Boutique for the costume and costume design. Draping artist Pooja perfected the difference that we actually wanted to see. Posing plays a vital role in showing the difference. Like the fashion, posing for photography changed over time. 70s posing was more into showing expressions on the face and the elegance in the body. But modern poses are a mix of creativity and attitude. Both have its own way of beauty. It is obvious in our photographs. We must appreciate the model Deepa Natarajan for catching the poses like a fire. From hair Style to the little details like big forehead stickers(Bindhi)and flat eyebrows, the hair stylist Komal and the makeup artist Sharmitha did their best perfectly to help seeing the hairstyle and makeup evolution from 70s bride to 2k10s bride. Jewels like nose pin and the Haram around the neck are another key things which can completely change the look. Vivah Bridal Collections hand picked their best jewels for this shoot. We appreciate it since it really made a huge difference. Some things rust. But only some turns into Gold as it gets old. It depends on the way we look at it. Change is inevitable. It is also enthusiastic to review the change we’ve gone through. The pictures came out really well. We were conscious that it should be a normal bridal portrait photography. We love these 70s Bridal Portraits. Have a look at them and check out our behind the scenes video. Kindly drop your valuable comments.

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