Best Maternity Photography in Chennai

“In this world, nothing has the greatest power than motherhood” – a famous dialogue from the hit KGF movie. It might sound cinematic. But indeed, the fact is real. Why? If there is a limit for mother’s love, it must be infinity. I read this on news that a mother pushed a car upside down to save her child. When it comes to loving you, she turns into a superhuman. But how many of us aware of the sufferings she had gone through to get us into the world? She might not tell you, because all these days she is just living for your happiness. Amidst all the sufferings, she had this happiness of holding you, I mean, “her whole world” in her tummy. That happiness is powerful enough to fade away the discomforts and pain during her maternity. Janani is my bestie and I was on cloud nine to be the Maternity photographer for her. Janani & Vinoth are made for each other and we can literally see the love aura around them. This is Maternity photoshoot was held on our own studio. Also, since she is my friend, I got ample time to experiment with lights and frames. This shoot paved a way for us to be the best Maternity photographers in Chennai. The makeup is aced by Bhamini hair and makeup. The costume designed by Yoshnasbyela was perfect for the shoot.

These photographs are one of my favorites in recent times. Hope you too like the pics below. Feel free to comment your thoughts.

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