Chandralekha | Shwetha Bandekar PhotoShoot by ChandruBharathy

Enthusiasm of a work depends on the enthusiasm of people who are working on it. Shwetha Bandekar is a vivacious model that we’ve ever seen. Her enthusiastic vibes sprinkled around the shoot. If you are a tamil serial viewer, you wouldn't have left without knowing her. Chandralekha is a top hit tamil serial on Sun Tv. She is acting as a protagonist named Chandra. She was gorgeous with a mix of bright rosy and black Saree. We must thank Hema for her wonderful makeup work. And Fine shine Jewels sponsored their best jewels for this shoot. Watch Shwetha Bandekar vibrantly answering our interesting questions on this Behind The Scenes Video. And checkout the pictures too. Drop your valuable comments below.  

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